Take Me To Church

I arrived at Bishop Eton Church in Woolton on a slightly overcast Saturday morning in July expecting to be one of the first on the scene, but I was very wrong. This was the most punctual wedding I've attended and plenty of guests were already in attendance bright and early. I had a quick chat with the groom, Jonathan and left him to prepare with his best man and ushers while I caught some snaps around the church.

Bridal Arrival

The guests were in the pews as Sarah arrived with her parents and bridal party. Thankfully the rain was still holding off as they congregated outside and got into their walking order. Sarah looked amazing as she came down the aisle with both her mum and dad and we were ready to begin the service.

In Service

Bishop Eton in Woolton is a beautiful church (and thankfully for a photographer, nice and bright.) The service flowed really nicely and was officiated by a family friend who had known Sarah and her family since she was young, which was a lovely touch. The couple exchanged vows, rings and many a nervous smile as their loved ones watched on before cheering them out of the church and into the picturesque grounds outside.

Invisible Wind Factory

The celebration headed to Lunya for a private lunch, while I met back up with them afterwards for the reception at Invisible Wind Factory. The coach dropped them off in the rain and they rushed inside to grab a drink, a seat and a chat.

Something In The Way

There was a classic Father of the bride speech (funny, sweet and not too long; textbook) followed by a lovely speech from Sarah and Jonathan themselves. They talked about how they met, how they got engaged and what they meant to each other. Loved ones were crying, laughing and cry-laughing as Sarah's sister (who did an amazing job making the wedding cake) and Jonathan's best man followed up with some lovely words. The cake was cut and it was over to the entertainment; friends of the couple Big Room did a great job playing Something by The Beatles for the first dance and were followed on stage by Gallery who had everyone up on the dancefloor. I captured the dancing and the hugs and left them to the heavy partying and a DJ set from Tom at Wedding Jam. A great day for a really lovely couple, congratulations to Sarah and Jonathan!